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Red Lake run-off election scheduled

On Tuesday at the regular meeting, the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Tribal Council heard challenges to the results of the May 19 tribal election and scheduled the run-off election for July 28 on the reservation and July 26 in Minneapolis.

The question on whether to change the blood quantum enrollment requirements will not be on the ballot.

The Tribal Council also certified the May 19 election results and swore in Treasurer Darrell Seki and Chairman Floyd "Buck Jourdain.

The runoff will be as follows:

E Kathryn "Jody" Beaulieu and Don Cook for secretary.

E Donald "Don Dez" Desjarlait and Roman "Ducker" Stately for Red Lake respresentative.

E Julius "Toady" Thunder and Thomas "Jambi" Westbrook for Redby representative.

E Gary Nelson and Jeff Kingbird for Ponemah representative.

E William "Billy" Green and Ron Lussier for Little Rock representative.