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Trail Mix: families and fitness

After a couple of days at my dad's house in Nevis, my family returned home Sunday evening pretty tired. We had a ton of fun playing outside and visiting with family, but we were ready to just sit and "veg," so to speak. We got the kiddo to bed and Ray decided to mess around on the computer for a while. Meanwhile, I flipped through some TV channels until I rested on "U-571." About 15 minutes later, I was bored and getting restless. I thought about taking a bath (my favorite hobby), but then I remembered my Wii.

I haven't really done much with my Wii Fit since we moved (more than a month ago), so I taped the rest of the movie and started getting things together. Ray perked up a bit when he saw the Wii Fit board come out. And just a few minutes later, he was offering some tips on how to better head-butt the soccer ball or avoid the snowball-throwing snowmen. The computer was quickly set aside and the movie forgotten. And it wasn't long before Ray, too, grabbed a remote and we switched out the Wii Fit with Wii tennis.

Yep, exercise - or moving around in any fashion - is contagious.

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