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Kelliher Students of the Month

Conner Rennemo1 / 3
Breanna Salmonson2 / 3
Alex Gehlert3 / 3

Conner Rennemo

Conner Rennemo has been chosen as the elementary level Student of the Month. Conner is a student that is always positive. He carries around a smile and is always willing to engage in a conversation or help out. Conner is a responsible student who works hard to get his home work done on time. He can be trusted to handle individual responsibilities and make good decisions. Conner always shows respect to the adults in the building, his classmates, and the other students in the building. He is a great role model and a positive leader in the elementary.

Breanna Salmonson

Breanna Salmonson has been chosen as the middle level Student of the Month. Breanna has been an outstanding student all year. She has made the Distinguished Honor Roll each quarter and has been selected by her teachers to earn a gold card, which gives students some extra privileges, every quarter this year. Breanna is also involved in basketball, softball and is a member of our Peer Educators team.

Alex Gehlert

Alex Gehlert has been chosen as the senior high level Student of the Month. Alex is a very hard working student-athlete who sets a good example for the underclassman. Alex is a very courteous student and he is always respectful to his teachers and classmates.