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Red Lake unofficial election results give Jourdain win

The unofficial results of the Red Lake Nation election Wednesday show Chairman Floyd "Buck" Jourdain re-elected over his nearest challenger, Judy Roy, former Red Lake secretary.

Jourdain garnered 1,712 votes for 53 percent, and Roy had 1,138 votes for 37 percent.

Also re-elected is Treasurer Darrell Seki Sr., who ran unopposed.

In other positions, runoff elections will be necessary. If uncontested, the runoffs must be held before Saturday, July 24. If contested, the runoffs must be held before Tuesday, Aug. 3. Runoffs are required unless a candidate for a position receives 50 percent plus one vote.

Incumbent Secretary Kathryn "Jody" Beaulieu won 856 votes for 27 percent, and her opponent, Don Cook, won 578 votes for 18 percent.

For the Red Lake representative, incumbent Donald "Don Dez" Desjarlait won 508 votes for 39 percent, and his opponent, Roman "Ducker" Stately, won 424 votes for 33 percent. For the Redby representative, Julius "Toady" Thunder won 290 votes for 38 percent, and incumbent Thomas "Jambi" Westbrook won 204 votes for 27 percent. For the Ponemah representative, incumbent Gary Nelson won 248 votes for 47 percent, and his opponent, Jeff Kingbird, won 172 votes for 33 percent. For the Little Rock representative, incumbent William "Billy" Green won 141 votes for 26 percent, and his opponent, Ron Lussier, won 131 votes for 24 percent.