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Auginash to seek House 2B

Darrell Auginash of rural Bemidji is seeking the House 2B seat as a Republican. The Senate 2 and House 2A and 2B endorsing convention is May 10 in Bagley. Pioneer Photo/Brad Swenson

Darrell Auginash, 56, a Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians member, is seeking the House 2B seat held by Rep. Brita Sailer, DFL-Park Rapids.

Auginash says he will run as a Republican, seeking the 2B endorsement on May 10 at the Bagley American Legion Club. While apparently having no opposition at this point, Auginash said he would go to the Aug. 10 primary if not endorsed.

"Another year has passed and we need to ask ourselves, are we happy with the way this state has been represented?" Auginash asks in a statement.

Saying he would represent all people of the district, Auginash laid out 10 campaign issues, the first being preserving treaty rights.

He would also "ensure our rights as human beings from conception to adulthood and as seniors who are deserve the best care we can have. I will honor our servicemen and women. I propose that all seniors be exempt of paying taxes for school operations and only pay them if they so choose."

He would support the concept of marriage being between a man and a woman, and would help single parents obtain mentoring for their children. "I will not support abortions because of my respect for the creation of life."

Auginash said he want to ensure "our children bet the best education this country can offer" and would encourage higher education, charter schools and home schools.

He would protect the Equal Access Amendment, "that if there is any religion being promoted, all beliefs have equal access, the right to pray, study biblical history as an elective. The current religion is secular humanism that is being promoted in all schools, a belief that there is no absolutes and everything is relative and no moral directives."

He would promote sovereignty as "the ability for every man to provide for his family, not the state or tribe dictating how we are to live and where we are to live and what to believe. True freedom in order with our Constitution."

Economic development provides opportunities for communities and families to start small businesses, he said. The state should provide direction and guidance in business development and management for long-term success and tech assistance.

"We need to move away from state or tribal entitlements and work for what we have and restore the dignity to the men as providers and protectors of our families," Auginash said.

He woul.d preserve the heritage of all cultures, encourage farm markets in all communities and organic foods, encourage renewable energy sources and protect northern Minnesota natural resources.

Taxes on resorts should be lower, he said, and make northern Minnesota a tourism destination for sport fishing and hunting.

He would support efforts to "curb the influx of illegal immigration into Minnesota. It's fine if they want to come to our state, but come legally. The residents of Minnesota should have priority in job securing, health care. By sloiwing the influx of illegal immigrants we will lower taxes for all citizens."

If he wins the GOP endorsement, Auginash would face Sailer, who will be seeking her fourth term. She beat Rep. Doug