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Bemidji City Council to resume hearing on dog and cat ordinance

The Bemidji City Council is set to resume the public hearing on the proposed new dog and cat rules.

The proposed ordinance would allow residents to own up to three dogs or three cats or a total of four dogs and cats. Those animals would not be allowed to run at large in the community.

The council first held the public hearing April 12, but continued the public hearing as staff considered ways to "grandfather" in owners who now have more dogs and cats than the ordinance would allow.

City Attorney Al Felix has reported that he has looked into including such language and has revised the ordinance accordingly.

Language has been included that would allow owners with more cats and/or dogs than the ordinance allows to maintain those animals. However, the ordinance has not specified a timeframe for how long the higher pet numbers would be allowed.

The public hearing, held in conjunction with the second reading of the ordinance, is slated to continue during the council's regular meeting at 7 p.m. Monday at City Hall.

Also on the agenda, Beltrami County District Judge Shari Schluchter will offer an update on DWI Court.