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Dr. Kathleen Annette honored with NMF Quality of Place Award

Dr. Kathleen Annette, deputy director of Field Operation for the Indian Health Service was recognized during the Northwest Minnesota Foundation2010 Regional Summit Tuesday for her leadership.

Annette received the NMF Quality of Place Award.

Annette, a member of the White Earth Band of Chippewa, who grew up in Red Lake, has served as IHS Field Operations deputy director for 12 years. Her duties include forming policies, goals and operational strategies in program and resource allocations.

She was selected as the IHS Bemidji area director in 1990 managing health care services for more than 90,000 American Indians from 34 federally recognized tribes in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.

She is a member of the IHS Director's Executive Council, a decision-making body for the HIS on policy, programs and public health advocacy.

She was selected in 200 and 2008 as a recipient of Presidential Rank Awards, has been inducted into the Academy of Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota and the Northwest Minnesota Women's Hall of Fame. In 2005, she was the first woman and the third person overall to be bestowed honorary membership in the Red Lake Nation.

Other speakers at the summit were Andy Wells of Bemidji, owner of Wells Technology and founder of Wells Academy non-profit school for industrial training; Kristine Paranica of the University of North Dakota Conflict Resolution Center. A leadership panel made up of Jim Krile of the Blandin Foundation, Malissa Bahr of the Blandin Foundation, Cliff Tweedale and Dave Hengel of the Headwaters Regional Development Commission, Jody Horntvedt of the University of Minnesota and Jane McKelvy, NMF program officer for training also contributed to the summit.