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Snickeyfritz author to visit local schools

The children, parents and teachers of J.W Smith Elementary, Central Elementary and Blackduck School will get the chance to meet Andrea Skyberg, author and artist of the award-winning children's book, Snickeyfritz, April 27-28.

Skyberg will give a lively and interactive presentation to elementary students discussing how she created Snickeyfritz and the inspiration behind the book.

Snickeyfritz tells the tale of three little girls who are stuck inside the house on a rainy day. The girls sound like a broken record as they complain of boredom, but just in the knick of time their papa challenges them with a treasure hunt in which they have to locate three kooky items.

Although their main intent is to get the treasure, the girls end up entertaining themselves throughout the day as they rack their brains to figure out the clues.

Unlike most children's books, the characters in Snickeyfritz are actual objects, rather than representations of objects, and these life-size dolls come to life through the intricate web of bygone and contemporary language laced throughout the story.

The life-size characters were created out of masking tape and photographed in the Skyberg's home, surrounded by artifacts and souvenirs that she and her family acquired on their travels. Because of this unique quality, Skyberg is able to showcase one of the life-size characters at the event along with several of the artifacts featured in the book. This unique presentation will give students a chance to go on their own 'I-Spy' treasure hunt while she reads from her book during the visit.