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State approves four-day week

Minnesota's Department of Education this week gave formal approval for Blackduck schools to continue operating on a four-day week.

Superintendent Robert Doetsch received the papers Wednesday which allow the district to continue as planned. The school board had based its program for the 2010-2011 school year on the assumption that state approval would be forthcoming. After weeks of delay, the board had discussed various contingency plans if reverting to the five-day school week had become necessary.

The delay in authorizing the shorter week came after months of planning, numerous changes in scheduling, and polls by individual board members and school staff, all reflecting favorable reaction to the plan by a majority of parents and teachers.

Doetsch said the state's approval was for the next two school years, which will enable the board to extend its planning. The action came as numerous other state school districts are proposing to make similar changes to a shorter week.