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Homer, Aukes announce they will run for Hubbard County Sheriff seat

Cory Aukes, left, says he will run for the position in 2010. Frank Homer currently serves as the county's chief deputy sheriff.

Sgt. Cory Aukes announced Friday he would run for the office of Hubbard County Sheriff against Frank Homer, who was temporarily appointed to fill the position last year.

Homer told the county board last Wednesday he intended to seek election to the post the county board tapped him for in March 2009.

The two men were considered for the vacancy after former Sheriff Gary Mills resigned one year ago due to chronic health problems.

Mills was halfway through his four-year term when the board appointed Homer.

Both candidates gave presentations that impressed board members.

Aukes is a 20-year veteran of the department and a native of Park Rapids.

"It's all about timing and I've had a lot of employees and co-workers who told me not to wait any longer," Aukes said Monday.

He said his campaign would stress personal accountability by all members of the law enforcement community, from dispatchers to jailers to road deputies, because they must deal with the public daily.

"I was born and raised in Hubbard County, I've worked my entire 20-year career here," Aukes said. "I've never left. I'm in this for the long run. It isn't just a one-term thing for me. This is where I've made my career and I never want to leave here."

Aukes said he'd like to streamline the reporting system to free road deputies up to be in their squad cars more, not at their desks. Paperwork, even for minor incidents, has become too cumbersome, he said.

Becker County Sheriff Tim Gordon said over the weekend both men are good candidates for the job and the county would be well-served by either.

Aukes said he's discussed the upcoming election with Homer and said neither man wants to wage a negative campaign.

Homer said he will issue a news release later this week on his campaign.