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Kelliher March Students of the Month

Evan Nelson is an excellent student in class. Although he sometimes struggles with the work, he works that much harder to get an "A". He contributes much to the class discussions and he is very respectful to his peers and to me, his teacher. Overall he is a hard worker, a good role model and a very nice young man. Because he plays sports, I am sure he has to go the extra mile to get all his work done.1 / 3
Raelin Schuh consistently does her best in my class. She works hard to produce the best she can, even if she has to do her work over again until it is right, Raelin is also always willing to do extra credit that is given. Raelin has had to work very hard to overcome many different obstacles, and she has also improved her attitude and her behavior 100 percent.2 / 3
Marcel Johnson is a very kind, responsible, fourth grader who treats everyone in the class with respect. He has very good study skills and he works well independently. He is a student who always completes his assignments and turns them in on time.3 / 3