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Oberstar announces grant for Minnesota Chippewa Tribe

WASHINGTON -- The Minnesota Chippewa Tribe has been awarded more than $700,000 to help six reservations reduce energy use and create green jobs, U.S. Rep. Jim Oberstar, DFL-8th District, said Tuesday.

The funding comes from a provision in $787 billion the federal economic stimulus package which directs the Department of Energy to create jobs by investing in energy efficiency programs.

"This is an investment that will have an immediate return -- creating jobs weatherizing homes and businesses," said Oberstar. "It will also pay long-term dividends. Lowering energy costs will put more money in the pockets of home and business owners, which will stimulate economic growth and enhancing energy efficiency will help reduce our dependence on foreign oil."

The funding will be divided up among the six component reservations that make up the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe: the Bois Forte Band (Nett Lake), Fond du Lac Band, Grant Portage Band, Leech Lake Band, Mille Lacs Band and the White Earth Band.

Nationally, Recovery Act funding of energy efficiency programs will total $3.2 billion, by the end of this year. Of that, $2.7 billion will be awarded through formula grants to more than 2,300 cities, counties, states and American Indian tribes.