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December, January and February Princi"Pals" selected

December Princi"Pals" were Conner Porath, Skyla Leach, Sierra Sundvall, Kaily Thomas, Kenna Cook, Kialee Brands, Kyle Thomas, Laetitia Frank, Cathryn Hedlin and Kourtney Dobmeier.1 / 3
January Princi"Pals" were Jakob Merritt, Char Kohman, Nicole Edevold, Johanna Swedberg, Larry Favela, Kennedi Leino, Chelsey Dobmeier, Skyla Huesmann, Brooke Davis, Caroline Cheney, Kendra Cornell, Camron Douglas, Tyannah O'Shea and Dawson Hazelton.2 / 3
February Princi"Pals" were Alexey Pfannenstein, Drew Grundmeier, Nolan Juelson, Kristin Sydow, Evan Bilinski, Carson Nendick, Makenzie Sparby, Billy Roberts, William Johnson, Isaac Volk, Emily Christenson, Sydnee Stroeing, Racquel Bilinski, Michael Juelson and Wyatt Dietrich.3 / 3

Each month since December, students have been selected by teachers to be a Princi"Pal."

Teachers choose students who have shown exceptional character qualities in the classroom, on the playground, in the cafeteria and in the hallways. These students have shown kindness, helpfulness, a good attitude, work hard, along with many other characteristic that help make the classroom a place where students can learn.

Students have breakfast with Mr. Doestch and Mrs. Warden, where they are presented with a Princi"Pal" certificate. Written on the certificate were the attributes their teacher wrote when they nominated them.