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Reading program ends at Blackduck Elementary

The Blackduck Elementary recently celebrated the fun of reading with a program that had a surprise performance by Mrs. Brown's class performing Dr. Seuss's The Sneetches.1 / 3
Top readers in grades one through three were Michael Forseen, Kennedi Leino, Sydnee Stroeing, Slayde Johnson, Ethan Merrill, Destiny Wiley, Wyatt Eggert, Hanna Moen, Alexa Sparby, Josh Hanna, Caroline Cheney, Johanna Swedberg, Laetitia Frank, Alexis Duscher, Skylar Huesmann and Lacey Lahr.2 / 3
Top readers in grades four through six were Charli Schocker, Ellie Cleveland, Jacob Bogucki, Michaela Sparby, Hattie Notsch, Alex Heide, Ceana Olson, Jamie Mistic, Cade Haiby, Brock Leino, Tim Hotvedt, Kari Sydow, Dimitri Frank and Devon Carmack.3 / 3

Over 85 percent of the Elementary's students earned their reading goals! In each class there was a top percentage earner who received a trophy and a runner-up who received a water bottle.