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Northome Liquor Store is Business of the Week

Northome Liquor Store's head bartender Angel Stradtmann looks forward to good year.

Northome Liquor Store's Head Bartender, Angel Stradtmann doesn't let slow business months get the best of her spirits. In fact, its quite the opposite. She uses this time period as a learning experience on how to improve and grow as a business.

"Normally we feast or famine in this bar and it is famine season right now," Stradtmann said.

The "famine" doesn't slow her down, though.

"Last weekend I had a DJ with great music, giveaways and drink specials," Stradtmann said. "I will do the same thing next month."

The liquor store offers activities during the week as well. Monday night is BINGO night, which according to Stradtmann has a very large pot going; Tuesday night features Texas Hold 'Em and Wednesday night will soon have wine tasting.

"It is really nice that the liquor store has the extension of the community room to house all of these events and activities," Stradtmann explained. "I want to utilize that room as much as possible and make it user friendly for every age group."

Stradtmann noted it can be easy to have a sour mood when business is slow.

"Like I said, we are in the famine months right now, you have to do anything you can to raise spirits for your employees and yourself," she said.

Employee motivation comes easy for the staff Stradtmann has.

"The staff that I have helps in decision making just as much as I do," she said. "I want to know what they think we should do for specials, off and on sale, the community room, basically everything. They work the nights -- they know what customers want and what they want to do."

Because the liquor store isn't even a year old, Stradtmann said there is still so much growing and learning to do.

"Our staff does a good job at talking to the people and finding out what they want and what they want to see happen here. After all, it is the city of Northome's bar," she said.

Along with The Pond and the Kelliher Liquor Store, the Northome Liquor Store is also facing controversy in the legislature over doing away with municipalities.

"I know a lot of people don't want to see muni's go," Stradtmann said. "In our budget, we put a lot of money back into the general fund to the city of Northome."

Stradtmann said she wants to spread the word about how businesses like the liquor store prevent property taxes from going up.

"Anyone can walk into city hall and look at how much the liquor store puts into the general fund and how that keeps property taxes down," she said. "I think people would be surprised at what they found. All of those records are public, anyone can utilize that."

The Northome Liquor Store is located at 12064 Main Street in Northome. It is open from 12:00 p.m. to whenever there are no customers Monday-Wednesday, 10:00-1:00 a.m. Thursday-Saturday.