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National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society 2010 induction

NHS inductees are, standing from left ro right: Alisha Gehlert, Steven Mayers, Charlie Schuh, Ann Poxleitner, Rebekah Anderson and Megan Poxleitner.

On March 8, five students were inducted into the National Honor Society and one student inducted into the National Junior Honor Society at Kelliher Public School.

Charlie Schuh, senior; Ann Poxleitner, senior; Megan Poxleitner, junior; Rebekah Anderson, junior and Alisha Gehlert, sophomore became the new members for the NHS. The new inductees for the NHS join Tanner Schuh, Brittany Hand, Leah Gruber, Caitlyn Duresky, Kristi Geerdes and Debra Mayers.

In the NJHS, the new member is Steven Mayers, seventh grade. He joins Danielle Nistler, Katey Lutz, Maranda Pula and Cassie Vollhaber, Mark Geerdes.

The induction ceremony was held at the Kelliher School with middle and high school students, parents and grandparents in attendance. Roxy Rabe, former KHS graduate of Minneapolis, was the guest speaker. She is also a former NHS member from Kelliher. Following the ceremony, there was a brunch made by the Kelliher cooks and March 14, a banquet was held at West Winds Supper Club to celebrate.

This honor, recognized throughout the nation, is the public recognition of accomplishment and a private commitment to continue excellence on the part of the members. Therefore, much care is given to the guidelines that go with the selection process.

Selection to the NHS and NJHS is a privilege, not a right. Students are not applying for this membership; rather they provide information and the information is then used by a faculty council, made up of five faculty members, to determine if standards (set at national and local levels) established have been met.

There are five areas that students are assessed in to be considered for candidacy: academics, leadership, service, character and citizenship.

Students must first pass the academics (a grade point average of 3.2 or better) to be considered for candidacy. Eligible candidates then fill out an activity form and turn it in. Eligible candidates are also given a numerical rating by their teachers in the areas of leadership, service and character. The faculty council then meets to review information gathered and vote. Students win with a majority vote.