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Hockey Day is coming to Bemidji; 13th annual event set for winter 2019

Bemidji assistant principal helps flood fight in Fargo-Moorhead

From assistant principal in Bemidji High School halls to Army Guardsmen on Clay County streets, Captain Chip Rankin leads and keeps a watchful eye.

"Yesterday I was mentoring kids, now I am mentoring soldiers."

The Guardman's chopper control points in Moorhead, secures dikes, and provides 3 quick response teams that can lay 4 to 10-thousand sandbags in 10 minutes, if one of these dikes breaks.

"Excited to be here to help as long as needed."

The help is greatly welcomed in Moorhead, as the city prepares for the river to crest around 38 feet.

"This is the final push."

City manager Michael Redlinger says sandbagging is 80 to 90 percent complete in the city. In places hard hit last year, like North Rivershore drive, the construction is virtually finished.

100-thousand sandbags are still available.

"Now is the time to wrap up our work and get our people rested up and be ready to monitor the dikes."

With several hundred extra eyes to help, the city is feeling well equipped. And this principal knows while away from school, he's still making a difference.

Volunteers should continue to report to MSUM's Nemzek hall. The city plugged up the homes it bought after last year's flood to keep them from becoming inundated with water, or affecting neighboring properties. The city is not yet advising homeowners to plug their drains.