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Bovey man charged with assaulting Itasca County peace officer outside Itasca County courtroom

Patrick Dean Loucks, 55, of Bovey, Minn., was charged in Itasca County District Court Wednesday with five felony counts in relation to the assault of a deputy outside a Grand Rapids courtroom.

He was charged with the following:

E First-degree assault - using or attempting to use deadly force against a peace officer while the officer was perform duty imposed by law.

E Second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon.

E Fifth-degree assault with the intent to cause fear of immediate bodily harm or death within three years of two or more domestic violence offense convictions.

E Obstruction of the legal process while the officer was engaged in the performance of official duties and the person knew the act created a risk of death, substantial bodily harm or serious property damage.

E Possession of a dangerous weapon in a courthouse complex.

His next court appearance is scheduled for March 22. Meanwhile, he remains in the Itasca County Jail.

According to the criminal complaint:

At 9:36 a.m. Tuesday, March 16, Itasca County Sheriff's Deputy Aaron Apitz was working court security in the Itasca County Courtroom in Grand Rapids, Minn., Judge Jon Maturi Presiding. Loucks entered the courtroom with a skinning knife in a snapped sheath on the left shoulder strap of his jacket. Apriz told Loucks to leave the courtroom, and when they were in the hallway, told Loucks to hand over the knife.

The complaint states that Apitz reached for the knife. Loucks jumped back, said "Don't ... touch me" and grabbed the knife handle to pull it out of the sheath. The knife didn't come out of the sheath, which remained snapped. Apitz pulled out his gun and several times ordered Loucks to drop the knife. Loucks let go of the knife and took a step toward the deputy, who backed away a step. Apitz again ordered Loucks to drop the knife. Loucks took off his jacket, and Apitz ordered him to the floor. After multiple orders, Loucks complied and was handcuffed.

Loucks was searched and was found with a knife with a 4-inch blade in his inside back pocket, another knife with a 2.5-inch blade in his left front pocket and a can of Mace.

Loucks was convicted of domestic assault and violation of a domestic abuse no-contact order Aug. 5, 2008, and remains on probation for those offenses. He also was under a pending felony charge of violation of a harassment restraining order.

First-degree assault carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and $30,000 fine; second-degree assault, seven years and $14,000; fifth-degree assault, five years and $10,000 obstruction of the legal process, five years and $10,000 and possession of a dangerous weapon in a courthouse, five years and $10,000.

The case is being prosecuted by Itasca County Attorney John Muhar.