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Kelliher announces Students of the Month

Sierra Heck1 / 3
Alicia Hardy2 / 3
Kristi Geerdes3 / 3

Sierra Heck

Sierra is a sixth grade student who is intent on upholding justice as she sees it. She will point out if she believes someone has been wronged. It doesn't matter who the person is, Sierra sticks up for her principles and what she believes to be right, she is very fearless when is comes to situations like this. Congratulations Sierra! Keep up the great work!

Alicia Hardy

Alicia Hardy is an eighth grade student that has grown so much over the course of the school year and has been a positive role model on the school bus. She helps to keep the bus very clean and very tidy. When other students on the bus start to misbehave, they will take notice to Alicia when she is telling them that they have to be respectful while on the bus and they have to behave in a manner that is safe. Congratulations Alicia! Keep up the great work!

Kristi Geerdes

Kristi is an 11th grade student that has proven to be a positive role model for all students at the Kelliher School. She is a very hard worker in the classroom as well as on the basketball court. Kristi is talented, outgoing and honest. She displays exceptional character traits and applies them to all that she accomplishes. Congratulations Kristi! Keep up the great work!