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Blackduck Knowledge Bowl explained

The Blackduck high school and junior high Knowledge Bowl team is off to a fantastic start this season. Their gold team has received three first place ribbons in three tournaments. Coach Jayne Rivard is more than happy about the team's performance in the season so far.

In Blackduck, there are 17 boys and girls in grades seven-nine who participate in junior high Knowledge Bowl. The team practices every Thursday from 7:30-8:10 a.m. The practice has obviously been paying off, because last year they placed first in the region and hope to repeat that performance.

What is Knowledge Bowl? Knowledge Bowl is a competition in which teams of five students answer questions based on high school curriculum. Competitors are asked anything from simple math questions to questions about musicals. They have to "buzz" in to get an opportunity to answer a question. They get one try to get the question correct. Often the fastest teams to buzz in get the points.

One example of the questions that are asked is -- "In 2008, New Zealand, marine biologists were studying the carcass of what colossal creature when they measured its eye at 11 inches across, the largest animal eye on earth?" The answer is -- the giant squid.

Another example is -- "In the 18th Century, the great French chemist Antuan Lavoisier was totally mistaken when he said that stones could not fall to the earth because there are no stones in the sky, but today what do astronomers call such stones?" The answer is -- meteors or meteorites.

If these questions seem hard, try to imagine having to beat out a group of five high school kids trying to be the first to buzz in and get the question correct. Some people think that Knowledge Bowl is a "nerd" sport, but sometimes you have to be quick and athletic to hit the buzzer.

If this sounds interesting or exciting to you, come support the Blackduck Knowledge Bowl team and get your kids to join because it's lots of fun and kids seem to enjoy it. But remember, in this activity spectators must be quiet.