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Nevis proposes sharing deputy with Akeley

In the wake of the Akeley police chief's resignation, Nevis is proposing sharing its deputy with the city of Akeley as a cost-saving measure.

A full time officer "is a lot of money for a small town," said Paul Schroeder, who introduced the idea at Monday night's council meeting, the measure earning mayor Dave McCurnin's endorsement.

Nevis budgets approximately $75,000 for Hubbard County deputy Jeff Stacey. Akeley cut police officer hours to 20 prior to Eric Klein's resignation, with approximately $38,000 budgeted for law enforcement.

"We have to look at what's financially best for the town," Schroeder said. "We're not looking at losing 20 hours," he said of Akeley's proximity.

"I'm 100 percent in favor," McCurnin said. "I'd love to see us do it."

Law enforcement "is a huge part of our budget... and we're five minutes apart," McCurnin said. He suggested broaching the subject to the county and heading to Akeley to determine interest.

"It can't hurt to talk about it," council member Karl Dierkhising agreed.

Schroeder said he would contact Sheriff Frank Homer on the matter.

Stacey indicated Monday night that he did not want to speak publicly on the suggestion.

"This is a compliment to you," McCurnin told Stacey. "It seems like a no brainer for two communities struggling to make it," he said of budget constraints.

Akeley mayor Jennifer Mitchell, contacted Tuesday morning, said the issue would be addressed at the April meeting, tonight's agenda holding many items for discussion. She had not yet been directly contacted on the matter.