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Chisholm shooting: 1 dead, 1 fighting for life

A 47-year-old former Chisholm police officer was under police supervision Sunday in a Hibbing hospital. He is suspected of shooting and killing one man Saturday night and wounding two others, one of whom is fighting for his life.

State and county authorities said that Jason Musburger is facing potential charges of homicide and attempted homicide in connection with the shooting at Jim's Sports Club Bar & Grill, 108 W. Lake St., in Chisholm about 9:45 p.m. Saturday.

Edward John Walberg, 40, was shot and killed. Steve Nelson, 29, was shot twice in the stomach and is "fighting for his life" in a Duluth hospital, said Andy Skoogman, director of communications for the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. Larry Elj, 38, was shot near the shoulder. His injury is not life-threatening.

Investigators believe that Musburger confronted his ex-wife inside the bar. When Nelson intervened, the suspect left the bar and returned a short time later with a gun. He allegedly shot the three men before being subdued by a bar patron. The assailant was reportedly injured when he was hit over the head with a chair or stool to end the attack.

According to court records, Musburger and his ex-wife, Janice, were divorced on April 16.

An official said Musburger had worked as a Chisholm police officer from 1983-89. He voluntarily left the force to take a job with the city's water department, where he had been working.

Edward Walberg Sr. was reached by phone Sunday afternoon at his Eveleth home. He said he's devastated by the death of his son.

"He was a responsible person that believed you go to work for a living, you earn money, you don't charge and all those kind of things," he said. "He was a good kid. Well, he isn't a kid any more, but he was good."

Walberg said his son was single and had never married. He worked for Ziegler Cat in Mountain Iron.

Elj was able to communicate on his Facebook page after the shooting.

"I would like to thank everyone who has shared their concerns, love, compassion, thoughts and prayers," he wrote. "I really will never be able to express how much that means to me. But none the less, thank you all very much. Love you all."