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Blackduck School Board Agenda

Agenda for Regular Board Meeting

March 8, 2010

6:30 p.m.

High School Media Center

I. Call to Order - Pledge

II. Agenda Changes

III. Approval of Minutes

IV. Chairperson's Announcements

A. Good Things Happening

1. Congratulations to the following Math Counts team members for a successful competition in Thief River Falls on Friday, February 19th. The team of Michaela Holmgren (7th grade), Kelsey Olson (7th grade), Kennedy Stomberg (8th grade), and Antuan Bell (7th grade) placed seventh in the team competition. Good job team!

2. Blackduck Choir members are traveling to Bemidji March 19 at 7 p.m. to see the Bemidji Show Choirs and guy's quartet "Marcoux Corner". The 5-12 Choir Concert is on March 25th at 7 p.m.

3. On Monday, March 8, twenty-two eighth graders, Mrs. Slindee, her student teacher, Mrs. Gilbertson, and two other adults will travel to the Park Square Theater in St. Paul to see a live production of The Diary of Anne Frank. The eighth graders read the play and have studied the Holocaust.

4. Approximately 100 people attended the German Dinner. It was held Sunday, February 21. Five students, Mrs. Slindee, Ms. Vaughn, David and Andrea Martin, Katie Haws and JoAnn O'Reilly will tour Spain, France and Germany in June.

5. Olympic Day in the elementary was AWESOME! Parents were able to come and watch and the kids had a blast! It was very neat to see the teachers all working together to make such a wonderful event for our students! Community members were out walking and were asking about the events!

6. Congratulations to Mathew Jedlicka and Kathryn Vocke who single starred on their duet at ensemble contest in Park Rapids Feb. 24th. Also congratulations to the guy's ensemble: Brandon Beck, Butch Strand, James Bruno, Brock Howard, Alex Schumann, Matthew Jedlicka, Alex Howard, Connor Cease and Chris Howard for double starring on their ensemble! They also received the high honor of Best At their Site! Congrats singers!

7. The Building Trades Home was sold! Congratulations to Mr. Berg and his group.

B. Open Comments from General Participation

V. Treasurer's Report (Attachment A)

VI. Meeting Agenda

A. Consent Agenda

1. Approve February bills (Attachment B)

2. Approve the following board agreement for the 2009/10 school year.

From Blackduck to Bemidji; Lyndsey Brunner.

B. Items for Individual Action

1. Budget item.

2. Consider placing $50,000 in our trust fund.

3. Consider accepting David Leaf's bid on the 2009/10 Building Trades Home in the amount of $38,502.

C. Items for Discussion

1. There will be a 15-minute presentation on the use of our Smart Board.

2. Discussion on Four-Day week for 2010/11 school year.

VII. Reports

A. Principals' Reports (Attachment C)

B. Enrollment Reports (Attachment D)

C. Food Service Report (Attachment E)

VIII. Communications

IX. Future Meetings

1. Our next Board Meeting is on the 12th of April.

X. Adjournment