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Blackduck School Board Agenda

February 24, 2009

6:30 p.m.

High School Media Center

I. Call to Order - Pledge

II. Agenda Changes

III. Approval of Minutes

IV. Chairperson's Announcements

A. Good Things Happening

1. Cynthia Smith, from the 4th grade, won the essay contest for Concordia Language Village. She will receive a week free at the Spanish Camp!

2. All of the first graders are participating in our Flat Stanley project! They have mailed their flat Stanley's to friends and family all over the United States & Canada and are waiting to hear back about their adventures. There is a big display outside the first grade classrooms showing where all the Stanley's have traveled!

3. We want to thank the Ilse Family for the donation of $1,000 to our Scholarship Fund. They have been doing this for many years. It is a wonderful gift to our school.

4. We want to thank Northwoods Lumber Company for its Scholarship Donation in the amount of $1,813.70. They too have been doing this for a number of years. It is a wonderful gift to the school. (Attachment A)

5. The first annual Old Timers Basketball Tournament was held Jan. 2. We had six teams participating. All the refs were volunteers, (thank you, Grant). We had around 60 people watching the games. The American paper had a nice article and pictures about the tournament. We had Blackduck graduates from 1988-2009. The second annual tournament is in the planning stages.

6. K-6 Basketball program: We have 64 students participating in this Saturday and Monday program. We will be having a basketball tournament on Feb. 6 and year-end potluck on Feb. 13. We will be having a team participant in the Bemidji Bombers Tournament in March. All the coaches are volunteers and do a wonderful job!

7. The third annual Blackduck Elementary Wrestling tournament was hosted Jan. 30 in the Blackduck High School gymnasium. The Blackduck wrestlers showed up in force (over 50 strong) to compete with over 230 participants from other communities.

8. Our Annual Spelling Bee was held Feb. 10. Our students did a wonderful job. Coming in first was Morgan Levy, second Julia Bogucki and third Shania Redday. Morgan will move on to the Regionals in TRF Feb. 26.

9. After 19 years, the playground sign needed to be replaced. Jamie Olson of Olson Wood Products donated a new wood sign. H.S. student Amy Eckstrom's art design will be used for the new sign. It should be up by the end of school. Thank you to Mr. Olson and Amy Eckstrom.

10. Tyler Dobmeier- speech team member would like to give a speech about the budget crisis facing schools.

B. Open Comments from General Participation

V. Treasurer's Report (Attachment B)

VI. Meeting Agenda

A. Consent Agenda

1. Approve January bills (Attachment C)

2. Approve the following open enrollments for the 2010/11 school years: From Grand Rapids to Blackduck: Justin Bellanger, Emily Christensen, Dawson Hazelton, Nicholas Hendricks. From Bemidji to Blackduck: Kenna Cook, Ariana Elias-Baumgartner, Sarah Moen, Trevor Kleeb, Mitchell Sparby. From Red Lake to Blackduck: Jesus Reyes.

B. Items for Individual Action

1. Consider accepting Nita Brown's resignation effective June 4. She has been here for 19 years! (Attachment D)

2. Approve the 2010/11 School Calendar. (Attachment E)

3. Consider accepting the Administrative Assistants Contract for the 2010-2012 school years. (Attachment F)

4. Consider accepting the BPSCEA's contract for the 2010-2012 school years. (Attachment G)

5. Consider the request from The Principals Union to negotiate. (Attachment H)

6. Consider hiring Catherine Spicer as the long-term sub for April Elias.

7. Consider accepting into policy changes to: 1215 Nonresident Student Attendance Policy (Enrollment options program 120.062 and Nonresident student attendance agreement 120.0752)

8. Consider budget recommendations.

9. Consider publishing a summary of minutes vs. the complete board meeting minutes in the paper to create another savings. (Attachment I)

10. Consider adopting a revised 2009/10 budget.

C. Items for Discussion

1. Four-day week meeting

2. Clearbrook-Gonvicks trip to Blackduck School

VII. Reports

A. Principals' Reports (Attachment J)

B. Enrollment Reports (Attachment K)

C. Food Service Report (Attachment L)

VIII. Communications

A. The Board received a note of thank you from the Burton Krueth Family for the plant. (Attachment M)

IX. Future Meetings

A. Our next Regular Board Meeting is March 8.

X. Adjournment