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Powerhouse Bar and Grill - Business of the Week

The Powerhouse Bar and Grill located in Northome on Highway 71, offers a great place to eat and drink. Owners Bill and Mary Overman are dedicated to their business and ensure quality service to their customers.

Area residents looking for exceptional food and a welcoming atmosphere can end their search at the Powerhouse Bar and Grill in Northome.

The establishment, owned and operated by Bill and Mary Overman, has been in business since May 2007.

"We started work on the restaurant in April 2006, so it took us about a year to get it built," Mary said. "This wasn't our first restaurant; however, we've been in this business for quite some time. We've always loved the business."

The Powerhouse is located right along Highway 71 in Northome.

"The building was once the home of our lawyer," Mary said. "She retired and when her home went up for sale, we bought it, gutted the inside and changed it in to a business. It was a lot of work."

The Overmans dedicate their lives to their business. There are some weeks where Mary is there every day.

"I think the last time we went anywhere to get away was in 2006," Mary said. "You can always show someone how to do something, but I have to be here. It is really hard to find time for each other, but it's a sacrifice I want to make. We want this to be a good business."

The Powerhouse Bar and Grill offers a variety of entrees from burgers to prime rib to sea food with prices as low as $6 up to over $20, depending on the meal of choice. They also offer a full bar.

"We have the best food around," Mary said. "As a whole, we're known for our barbeque ribs and I'm known for my wraps."

One of the most important aspects to being in the position the Overmans are in is customer service.

"Billy and I get very involved with our customers," Mary said. "We make an extra effort to make sure they feel welcome and comfortable."

According to Mary, one of the drawbacks to being a restaurant owner, especially in this area, is finding business, especially in the winter.

"It is a lot of work and it's hard to be in this business -- there is a lot of pressure, but I love it," she said.

The Powerhouse Bar and Grill is open Thursday through Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.