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Pathways Through Our Past

Be My Valentine

Remember when you saved up pieces of lace, red paper and paper dollies so you could make valentines for your friends? You would decorate a box to put on your desk at school so everyone could put in the ones they had made for you.

After a glass of kool aid and a couple of heart shaped cookies, you got to open your box. Some of the ones you got had more glue then other materials. Some had pictures and words cut out of magazines. It wasn't until about fourth grade that we began to get store bought ones. It just wasn't the same.

I can remember my grandmother had a heart-shaped box where she kept her cloth hankies. I was sure that they smelled like chocolate candy. My grandfather had given her the box of candy when they were going together and she said she made herself eat only one piece of candy a day. That way the candy lasted longer but it also got a little stale.

Boy's used to carve their sweethearts' name, along with theirs, in a heart frame on a tree, for all the world to see and later young men in the service had the name of their girlfriend tattooed on their arm. If they broke up with that girl they had to have something else tattooed over the name.

Sweethearts used to share a shake or a coke. One glass, two straws -- today that would be called cheap and unsanitary.

Many of the big name companies had slogans for Valentines Day -- Remember The Day Remember Her With Whitman's Sampler Chocolates. Send your Valentine Flowers by wire FTD Florists. If they were more serious they might give the girl of their dreams a Bulova watch.

Today if you hear the "kiss" on the radio and you are the right caller you can take your sweetheart to a free movie Or if you have bought some raffle tickets from members of the Blackduck History and Art Center, you might win one of many prizes donated by businesses in our town. The drawing will be held at 3:55 p.m. Feb. 13. Come in and see all the changes that have been taking place while we have been closed for our "facelift" and also see Marie Juelson's hen and rooster collection.

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