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Blackduck Garden Club News

Jackie Barclay, Ann Floura and Glennis Moon (subbing for Donna Hendrickson) hosted the Garden Club's February meeting at Barclay's home. Lushbergers, chips and pickles and a luscious coconut, apple, nut cake topped with a whipped cream, cream cheese blend and drizzled with caramel (made in advance by Hendrickson) made up the meal. We do eat well in this club!

Barclay called the meeting to order, the secretary's minutes were read by Nancy Greuel. Carol Schlief gave the treasurer's report in LaVerne Smith's absence. Toys for Kids chairs Wanda Anderson and Mary Joy sent a thank you note regarding our donation. Judy Gorman reported $40 dollars in cookbook sales arrived via Moon Drug and Variety store. We are very grateful to Chan for allowing our cookbooks to be sold by them.

Lisa Carter and Barclay reviewed the process and displayed examples of floral arrangements that we can expect to use or see at this year's flower show. Throughout this year we will hear and see other presentations. It was a good program and good way to learn the right methods for showing flowers.

The 2010 program booklet was distributed and reviewed. A program committee meets in the fall each year to determine what we will be doing the next year. Val Hentges takes all this information, unscrambles it and voila! we have a beautiful program book to guide us through the year. Another great job, Val. After a zillion years, Hentges is passing the job onto Nancy Greuel with best wishes.

Shall I leave you with this... The door prize and raffle were won by yours truly. Thank you all. We all had a good laugh when straightfaced Amy Grandlund said, "I'll read the numbers for you," like how else would we know who won? You had to be there. The Garden Club is a fun club.