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Pathways Through Our Past

The Back Porch

When I was growing up no one had decks or patios. At least I never heard tell of anyone that did. Most of us had porches. Either a front or a back, and some of the most affluent had porches on both ends of the house.

Our house had a back porch. In the summer the porch was like another room on our house. Clothes were washed out there and preparing fruit or vegetables for canning was also done there. In the evenings we would set out there while the house cooled down and sometimes my brothers got to sleep out there. On rainy days clothes were hung there to dry and best of all was the visiting that was done there.

Dad would smoke his cigar while he and mom discussed their day or the neighbors came over to visit. Us kids played out there or read our comic books. My sister and I kept it clean, scrubbing the floor after the wash was done. Since we cooked with wood there was always a wood box out there, year round. After the weather grew to cold to sit out there the house seemed so small but you got used to it and then as spring approached, began to look forward to having more space again.

The other night I was reading an article about the Jewel Tea Man. This salesman (there were a few woman) came by our house every month. We bought coffee and tea and some spices. The dishes they had were beautiful and many people collect them today I still have one serving dish but the lid is gone. They are certainly worth more today then they were back in the 1940s and '50s.

Just a note to let everyone know how the History and Art Center is moving along. There is a whole new look about the place.

Marie Juelson has been busy putting out her chickens and roosters. I didn't know she had that many different ones and such pretty one to.

Members of the center are busy selling tickets for the Sweetheart Raffle, drawing to be held Feb. 13. Come in and let us know what you think of the new look.