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Where have all the good kids gone?

Will Carlson volunteer at the History Center.1 / 2
Kristie Slindee is another valuable volunteer.2 / 2

Where have all the good kids gone? Why some of them are right here in Blackduck. How do we know? Some of them have been helping us old at the Blackduck History and Art Center with our many projects.

First of all is a young woman by the name of Kristie Slindee. She has been there when we needed the Cat in The Hat or someone to help complete our floats in the parade. There she is, ready and willing to help.

That is the same when we were in need of some strong young men. There was James Bettin and Will Carlson. They came to look around and thought the place was so great.

When it was time for our "face lift" and we needed to move some things, they were right there, moving heavy pieces that were impossible for us to move.

We find it's impossible to thank these three youth enough and will be calling on them again as we now feel that they are the first young members of the History and Art Center.

Parents, you should be very proud of your children, We hope they are not the last to join the ranks and find our place a great place to visit and maybe find some history about their own family or their neighbors. Our place is for everyone young and old.