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Blackduck Senior Center News

The Senior Center held its Annual Meeting Jan. 12 with nineteen members present.

Rich Ferdig opened the meeting and Leona Ferdig read the minutes from the 2009 annual meeting. Carol Hannigan reviewed the treasurer's report which indicates that we are in pretty good shape.

Jean Slindee talked about fundraiser activities and dollars being down somewhat, and that it probably was due to the condition of the economy. A program is underway to promote membership. Eva Fischer reported that membership is currently at 77, and that 2010 dues are due now.

Activities at the center haven't changed much.... Morning exercising is still happening three days a week, Monday through Friday morning coffee sessions are well attended, as are the afternoon events. Monday - cards, Tuesday - bingo, Wednesday - whist, Thursday - Scrabble and Friday - crafts. Afternoon activities start at 1 p.m.

Pancake suppers are down in attendance and there was discussion about changing the menu or dropping the event. For now, it remains the same. New ideas are welcome.

Jam sessions the first Saturday of each month have experienced attendance problems due to the weather conditions. We did get a good deal on a new power snowblower!

Jean Tipp has been a wonderful addition to the center. She oversees a variety of tasks and will take care of publicity this year. Jean is considered an 18-hour employee and also volunteers her time. Val Thielman continues to dress the place up with her beautiful art work and decorations.

Nominees elected for the 2010 board were Ted Carter, Dick and Eve Fischer.

The board members, until they take specific assignments, are Ted, Dick and Eva and existing members Jean Slindee, Carol Hannigan, Rich and Leona Ferdig, Bev Gibson and Cedelia Peterson. Positions are for three-year terms, with rotating periods.

Anyone 55 years and older may become a Senior Center member. We extend a sincere invitation to all newcomers to Blackduck and the surrounding area to come visit and look us over. We're a warm, friendly group. Coffee and treats are served Monday through Friday at 9-11 a.m. and from 2-4 p.m.