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Candidates can file for White Earth elections

WHITE EARTH -- White Earth Nation members will go to the polls to elect a secretary-treasurer, District I committeeperson, and a District II committeeperson.

The primary election is March 30, and the general election is June 8.

White Earth enrolled members who choose to run for office must file for candidacy between Jan. 22, and Feb. 1. The White Earth General Election Board, on behalf of the secretary/ treasurer will receive the filing for candidacy during weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The election office is located in the Shooting Star Casino Training Center (RV?Park) in Mahnomen.

The filing fee for secretary-treasurer is $5, and the filing fee for district committeeperson is $2.50. Those filing must bring proper identification when they come to file. Each individual must file in person.

A candidate for election for secretary-treasurer or district committeeperson must be an enrolled member of the White Earth Nation and have resided on the White Earth Reservation for at least 12 months prior to the election.

No enrolled member of the reservation shall be eligible to hold office unless he or she has reached his or her 21st birthday on or before the date of the election.

No member of the tribe shall be eligible as a candidate or be able to hold office if he or she has ever been convicted of a felony of any kind, or if he or she has ever been convicted of a lesser crime if that crime involved the theft, misappropriation or embezzlement of money, funds, assets or property belonging to an Indian tribe or tribal organization.

Copies of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe Election Ordinance are available at the election office.

The mailing address for the General Election Board is PO Box 10, Mahnomen, MN 56557.

For more information call 218-936-5622, or toll free at 866-211-9154. The fax is 218-936-5623.