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Wisconsin anglers cited for taking 40 extra walleyes from Upper Red Lake

RED LAKE, Minn. (AP) -- Four Wisconsin anglers face a total of $3,600 in fines for allegedly keeping 40 walleyes over the limit while fishing on Minnesota's Upper Red Lake.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources conservation officer Brice Vollbrecht says that on Dec. 23, he questioned the anglers and grew suspicious about the number of walleyes they had.

The possession limit for Upper Red Lake walleyes is four. Anglers are required to throw back walleyes between 17 and 26 inches. One trophy more than 26 inches is allowed.

Vollbrecht tells the St. Paul Pioneer Press he found 44 filleted and wrapped walleyes in the anglers' rented cabin, in addition to 12 walleyes in their fish houses. Some fish were outside the legal length limit.

Vollbrecht says the anglers admitted they knew the law, but took more fish because they drove such a long distance from Wisconsin to northwestern Minnesota.