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Pathways Through Our Past

The farmer and his wife

You never know when the subject for an article comes your way.

While at a Christmas party, the host brought to my attention a poem he had found while on the Internet. It was called I'm Only A Farmer.

Our whole area has had a wealth of farmers since before Blackduck even got it's name. Some farmers logged during the winter months to buy supplies for the planting season. Others worked out to pay for the land while the wife and children ran the farm. Cream checks and the sale of eggs and butter often paid for items that could not come from the farm.

One of our daughter's friends told me that we were to call a vet every time a cow had a calf. I had to gently inform her that farmers didn't have that kind of money and usually no retirement plan either.

I am going to print the poem, I believe many of out there will relate to what it says, I found a poem years ago called The Farmers Wife, thinking it might come in handy someday, well someday is here.

I'm Only A Farmer

I know the sun better than anyone, and the soil and the wind, and the rain.

I am the man who works with them loves them and sometimes fears them.

I'm Only A Farmer

I am the sower of seeds. I am the tender of stock. I am the reaper of harvest.

I am sweat and tears and pride.

I'm Only A Farmer

I am a man who feeds the young, the old, the weak, and the strong

I am the black earth of Spring, the green hills of Summer, the harvest gold of Autumn,

And the cold white stillness of Winter.

I'm Only A Farmer

I am warm memories of the past, the steely reality of the present,

And the hopeful dream of the future.

I'm a optimist, a thinker, a watcher, and a doer.

I'm Only A Farmer

I live in a complex world, made of simple things, and they are my

Source of joy, and hope, and comfort.

I have walked the morning fogs, I have paused for the summer song of the meadowlark.

And I have savored the breeze off freshly cut hay.

I have paused, remembering, by the stream I knew as a boy. I have felt the power of a thousand storms. And rejoiced in the fresh world left in their wake.

I'm Only A Farmer

I am an Accountant, chemist, and a doctor. I am a midwife, and an a mechanic. I am a seller, a trader, and buyer. I am a husband, helper, and partner to my wife. I am a father, comforter, and teacher to my children.

I'm Only A Farmer

Not a man of riches, but a man of great wealth. I have learned to respect my maker.

I am humbled by the earth's bounty and awed by endless rebirth. I am fascinated by the marvelous minute of my world and enriched by their beauty.

I'm Only A Farmer.

If a man can be truly free, then I am. The day, the week the month. They have been entrusted to me, They are mine to spend. They are mine to invest. They are mine to use wisely.

It is a solitary profession I have chosen; Or, perhaps that I have been chosen for.No promises given, no excuses taken.

A profession where there are no certainties. Where no guarantees are granted. I have one man to answer to, one man to depend on, one man to confide in; And in the quite of the years I have come to know him well.

I'm Only A Farmer

I am perseverance and creativity, and courage. I am confidence, and ingenuity, and intelligence. A seeker of excellence, and I will endure.

I'm Only A Farmer.

The Farmer's Wife

The day begins with morn's first light, For hungry men she is the cook,

And not until 'tis dark at night, can she from ceaseless labor look.

The burning heat, the grinding toil, are part and parcel of each day; And oft' when needed, she tills the soil or helps to stack the new-mown hay.

Wherever the labor she will be performing tasks a thousand-fold; It seems that always she can see, what's to be done and take a hold.

The wanting ones from any plight, fruits of her toil receive a share; and nothing gives her more delight, then for the sick to want her care.

She labors long and hard through life, good deeds she's ever sowing; Oh surely 'tis the farmers wife, Who keeps this old world going.

The Blackduck History and Art Center members wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year.

We will be closed the month of January to perform a face lift so watch for when we open the doors again.