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Kelliher City Council to meet once a month beginning in January

The Kelliher City Council met for its regular meeting Dec. 7 with a full but diverse agenda.

Mayor Darin Latterell called the meeting to order with all councilmembers present. Also present were the city clerk, Dianna Thurlow, head bartender Tom Heck and assistant clerk Peggy Vollhaber.

Others present were Karen Thayer and Linda Dreher.

The council got down to business following an amendment to the agenda which added the Personnel Performance Evaluation.

During the Public Forum part of the meeting, Linda Dreher from the Northome News was present and introduced herself as editor. She inquired about the city's official newspaper and if the city was going to be accepting bids for upcoming year. The council indicated that The American is the official newspaper for the city. City clerk Thurlow will research what the city has done in the past. The council appoints the city's official newspaper at the first meeting of the year.

The following consent agenda items were presented for approval:

• City council meeting minutes from Nov. 16.

• City council first special meeting minutes from Nov. 23.

• City council second special meeting minutes from Nov. 23.

• Receipts from Nov. 13-Dec. 3, totaling $81,466.84.

• Claims list for approval totaling $21,215.77.

• Cash control statement.

• Employee overtime report.

• Delinquent water accounts.

Following the consent agenda, Karen Thayer, Upper Red Lake Area Association Gambling Manager, was present and addressed the council regarding bar bingo at the municipal liquor store.

The council inquired if URLAA would be willing to provide bar bingo at the liquor store. Thayer stated that URLAA was not interested in providing bar bingo and indicated that bar bingo does not provide site rent.

Discussion was held regarding space available at the liquor store to provide bar bingo and due to the large tables, it limited the number of participants. The council inquired to Heck, if he was still getting requests for bar bingo. He indicated that the request for bar bingo had died down. He also indicated that the $2 pull tab box was selling better than expected. At this time the council chose not to pursue bar bingo any further.

The council then reviewed the profit/loss spreadsheet from the extended hours during deer hunting season. The extended hours showed a profit, therefore, it was the consensus of the council to approve the Heck's recommendation to extend the hours of the liquor store to include opening at 10 a.m. on Thursday morning through the ice fishing season.

The council approved Heck's recomendation that the hours of operation begin at at 10 a.m. on Thursdays through the ice fishing season.

Heck indicated the need for an e-mail address at the liquor store. He will contact Paul Bunyan Telephone to have an e-mail address added to the liquor store's current account.

Heck also informed the council that beginning Dec. 14, there will be wireless Internet available at the liquor store. This is a service that has been requested repeatedly and it will provide visitors a place to surf the web while they are visiting the surrounding area.

Following the liqior store business, Thurlow submitted a request for payment #1 from Utility Systems of America in the amount of $99,512.50. The total of the work that has been completed to date is $105,750, less the 5 percent retainage.

A short discussion was held regarding the completion date and the cold weather slowing down the progress. Utility Systems of America is waiting on Naylors to install the wiring apparatus for the lift station before moving forward with the project.

A motion was made to approve the request.

A short discussion was held regarding the concerns raised by citizens at the town meeting Nov. 23 held at the North Beltrami Community Center.

The council once again reviewed and discussed the proposed 2010 water rate study. The discussion led to leaving the base rate the same at $16.00 and increasing the volume charge to $3.45/1,000 gallons. This increase would not include the first 1,000 gallons used. No decisions were made.

A motion was made to certify Parcel #83.00130.00, a delinquent utility account, to Beltrami County to be included on 2010 taxes. The motion was then approved unanimously.

A short discussion was held prior to approving the finalized 2010 tax levy.

A motion was made then approved unanimously to finalize the increased 2010 proposed tax levy by 10 percentwith allocations of $7,500 to the Debt Service Fund and $34,300 to the General Fund totaling $41,800.

A lengthy discussion was held regarding the 2010 enforcing dog license and fees. Beginning in January of 2010, it will be mandatory for all dogs within city limits, indoor or outdoor dogs, to have a dog license obtained through city hall at a cost of $10 per dog. This ordinance will be enforced through the county deputies as will dogs running at large. Residents are encouraged to contact law enforcement or city hall if they see a dog running at large.

After a short discussion was held regarding monthly council Meetings vs. bi monthly meetings.

It was the consensus of the council that beginning in January 2010, the Kelliher City Council will meet once a month instead of the bi-monthly meeting held in the past. The city clerk submitted a proposed Resolution #2009-8. A Resolution Establishing a Meeting Schedule for 2010. The council voted unanimously to adopt the resolution #2009-8.

The 2010 lease agreement between the MeritCare Clinic and the city of Kelliher and the Kelliher Public School District was then discussed.

The council reviewed the lease agreement for the upcoming year and after a short discussion approved the agreement.

Thurlow updated the council on personnel issues at the liquor store.

A Dec. 21 date has been set for the personnel performance evaluation prior to the regularly scheduled council meeting beginning at 5 p.m.