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Garden Club News

The Garden Club members celebrated the last meeting of 2009 with a Christmas party at Sharon K-Anderson's home. Two sleighs, with horses driven by Jim Dexter and Gerald Notsch, were filled with high-spirited carolers singing favorite Christmas songs. It was a smooth, quiet, sun filled ride in the woods except for the merriment and laughter coming from under all the colorful winter garb and blankets. After the sleigh ride, the women, like children, ran to the house and scrambled to remove stocking caps, jackets, snow pants and boots.

Laughter continued as childhood memories were shared. We warmed up on flavored hot chocolate and Sandy Anderson's "recipe." (Recall the "recipe" made by the old maid sisters on Walton's Mountain) There were many requests for refills! Sharon and hostesses Avonel Kjellberg, Amy Granlund, Sandy Anderson and Kate Riggs served a delicious brunch.

The roll call question asked that we share a special memory about being a member of the garden club. There were quite a variety of memories, but almost all felt the friendships created topped the list. Each member brought a gift for the Toys for Kids program. These were packed up and turned over to Mary Joy and that team to distribute. The meeting was adjourned after Sandy promised to share the "recipe."

The Garden Club sends you best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy (good gardening) Year.