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Pathways Through Our Past

It's coming again... and just as quickly as it did last year! Christmas, yeah! Little kids can't wait, and many ask daily "How many more days?" Some of us wish that time would stand still for just a few days so that we could catch up. But, isn't this what the season is all about --hustle and bustle, joy and happiness as we remember the Christmas story and how we shared it with others? It makes me sad, knowing that so many youngsters are growing up in this politically correct cultural and won't know, hear and feel things like we did. Way back when...

The History and Art Center had a terrific Christmas Cookie By The Pound fundraiser last Saturday thanks to all of you who stopped in. We especially appreciate the cookie donations from Sharon Oldenborg, Bev Gibson, Marie Keene, Angie Balko and Sandy Kalvig.

As usual, our regular volunteers out did themselves baking festive cookies and specialty items. The center's small gift shop was intriguing and a surprise to many. Our guests enjoyed visiting over hot cider and coffee, viewing the video of the history and art center in the making, and just meandering around and through the exhibits. The center is decorated for Christmas including a collection of Department 56 Christmas Villages, colorful Nutcrackers and Christmas music boxes.

Visit Santa and Mrs. Claus Dec. 19 and attend a free movie and sleigh ride at the History and Art Center.

We are sooo excited, but when I think of it, we get excited quite regularly. This time it's a secret. Oh poo! I can't wait to tell you. Lakeland Television wants the history and art center to participate in a new program they are developing, which will air in January sometime.

Sonja Juelson and Al Gerner will star in a production about the history of the railroad and train to Blackduck. If any of you have old historical pictures, stories, experience, anecdotes, or memorabilia pertaining to this subject, please call Sonja or Glennis. Based on our conversation it sounds like they will use us to do other shows. P.S. don't tell anyone yet! Oh... one other thing. We need "fun facts" about Blackduck. Please call me at 835-5512.

Here's another piece of news. A woman from Ely, NV called our library a while ago, said she bought an old travel trailer from a storage business, and in the trailer was a box of pictures dating to 1900. 1900! Of Blackduck! And did we want it? Did we want it!? Mary Joy took the phone call and we now have a new project sorting through and researching all of these wonderful old pictures.

This place is so exciting and what a learning experience! We'll reveal our plans for these and other pictures we've accumulated in the near future. Remember our slogan, "Don't throw it away, throw it our way." We accept just about anything, as long as it is old -- beyond the 1950's.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a bountiful new year.