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Blackduck fifth graders take a trip to Deep Portage

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The fifth grade class from Blackduck Elementary went to Deep Portage Learning Center for an overnight fieldtrip near Hackensack. The fifth graders were part of a fundraiser this fall to help make this overnight trip possible.

On Dec. 3, the group dressed very warm packed their sleeping bags and pillows and headed south. Deep Portage has been a Conservation Reserve since 1973. The Resource Heritage Center was opened for the public in 1987. The RHC provides an education site with classrooms, dining hall, a theater, and indoor climbing wall and bed space for 175 people.

The students, chaperones, and teachers participated in several activities including Team Building, Pioneer Olympics, Rock Climbing, and Survivor Skills.

After a full afternoon of activities, the all enjoyed a warm and delicious supper in the dining hall. After supper the students learned about Minnesota owls by playing a game called Night Stalkers. After that the students walked over to a campfire to enjoy songs and camp stories.

Deep Portage is operated by the Deep Conservation Foundation, a non-profit corporation for all ages. It has over 6,000 acres of hills, lakes, ponds, river, and bogs. The facility is open to the public for everyone to enjoy hiking, an interpretive center to explore, and educational programs available all year long.