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Blackduck holds truth and taxation hearing

The city of Blackduck held its annual Truth and Taxation hearing Dec. 8 at city hall.

The reason for the annual meeting is to discuss and seek public comment on the city's proposed 2010 budget and the 2010 proposed property tax levy.

The proposed taxes remain unchanged from 2009 to the proposed 2010 property taxes.

The city receives what is called Local Government Aide which is state aid to local governments. The LGA has undergone several changes since it was creation in 1971. It is manipulated by the Legislature annual.

Blackduck receives LGA in two equal payments on July 20 and Dec. 26. The city is anticipating receiving $194,997 for the budget year 2009, although with budget shortfalls at the state level, LGA funding could be decreased in order to fund the state shortfall. It is unknown at this time how the state of Minnesota will handle the shortfall but it is known that LGA is one of the areas financial cutbacks could take place.

The city of Blackduck's market value decreased by a 5 percent reduction this year in residential valuation imposed by the Beltrami County Assessor's office.

The total tax levy for 2010 is $196,000, as it was for 2009. Following a short discussion, the council approved Resolution 2009-18 approving the 2009 tax levy, collectable in 2010.