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Waskish News

Last Week

Keep Christine Halama and June Schuh in your prayers. I believe they are both in the hospital at this time. We hope to have you both home soon.

Thanksgiving was spent in different places -- Sandy Olson with her son, Erik, and his family in Vadnais Heights; Mr. and Mrs. Pete Olson with the families of Jerry, Peter, Arnie and Karen. All the Olsons were together Thanksgiving night at Arnie's in Coon Rapids.

Mr. and Mrs. John Jensen, Jesse, Wyatt and Clyde spent Thanksgiving at the home of Jerry Jensen in Northome.

Jennie Halama was at Mr. and Mrs. Donald Nelsons and Mr. and Mrs. David Leonhardt were in Cleveland at the Robert Leonhardt home.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Anderson and family of Chisholm, were at the Mr. and Mrs. Rick Bauer home in Blackduck.

Mr. and Mrs. Shorty Hillman, Colleen, McKenzie and Xenia Hillman along with Mr. and Mrs. Roland Kraft of Blackduck, all had dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Yerbich, Kaia and Sam in Bemidji.

Buddy Hillman spent Thanksgiving with Tony Novotny.

Ray Cogger and B.J. Hillman and Rudy Patch spent the last 10 days hunting and visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Tim Cogger and Isabel and Kaya in Montana.

Last weekend of hunting season, Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Hillman, Hunter and Hudson of Cohasset, Charlene Thurston, Will and Rachel of Coon Rapids and Paul Mansager of St. Paul, stopped by to visit.

Also stopping by was Mr. and Mrs. Jim Nordrum and son of Cloquet. Jim and Paul are nephews and Paul stayed with us until Tuesday.

I am glad hunting season is over and I am hoping for the lake to freeze. It looks like it might be awhile with the weather we've been having lately.

Hudson Hillman had his tonsils and adenoids removed Nov. 24, which would have been his uncle Billy's 39th birthday. He is doing ok and likes the ice cream, popsicles and gum.

Erin Chaffin spent Saturday night with Jesse Jensen.

Heather Gilge, Carter and Spenser of Bovey, visited with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Nelson, Saturday.

This Week

Another week -- another Vikings loss. I really thought the team was better than last night. We lost to both Super Bowl teams of last year. They have to get their act together. I hope they are lucky enough to go to the Super Bowl. They will cross that road when they come to it.

Our sympathy goes out to the Gene Grey family. Gene passed away Dec. 1 at his home in Moundsview. I know we sure miss him. He'd come in the store early and he and Shorty would drink coffee and solve all the problems of the day before it started. They've had their trailer here for five years or better and before that, they parked at Mort's Dock on the south shore.

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Hillman, Hunter and Hudson spent the weekend in Waskish.

I am happy to report Dave Nistler is on the mend and Christine Halama is home in Waskish. I am so happy they are feeling better. Good luck to you both.

Saturday, Paula, Colleen and myself attended the dinner theatre at the Kelliher School called Phil's Diner. It was a very cute play and everyone did well. It puts a person in the Christmas mode with all the carols.

The Advent service Sunday at Bethlehem Lutheran in Waskish was exciting. All the proud parents and grandparents including yours truly! As most of us had grandchildren in it, they all did really well. It was like seeing your own family years gone by. Buddy's girls and Bernie's boys were present and accounted for as were Heather Gilge's children and Betty Ann and Duane Ausmus's granddaughter. All the rest were kids from the area and it's always nice to see extras join in the program. It always seems like it puts a person in the season and now we have snow!

Keith Erickson of Atwater, cousin of John Ackerman, stopped and visited with Shorty and I Monday. I was hoping he'd be able to see Joey or Danny Nelson but they weren't home.

Joke of the Week

Ole's boss had been invited to Ole and Lena's for supper. As Lena was setting the table, Ole's boss casually asked little Ole what was being served for supper.

Little Ole said, "I tink it is buzzard because dis morning mama said to papa, 'If ve are going to have dat old buzzard for supper, it might as vell be tonight.'"