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Last Week

Pete Olson and daughter, Payton, Jerry and Arnie Olson all spent the weekend hunting except for Taylor who visited with Grandma Ilene.

Erik Olson and son, David, spent the weekend hunting and little David spent time with Grandma Sandy.

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Leseman spent the weekend with the Donald Nelsons.

Several people from the surrounding area attended the funeral for Betty Blegen at the Waskish Lutheran Church Nov. 11.

Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Hillman, Hunter and Hudson spent the weekend at the Hillmans. Bernie hunted with the boys while Paula and the little boys visited.

Hunting hasn't been anything exciting. We did hear Lenore Anderson from Blackduck shot one and Darrell Davidson of Baudette, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Davidson, had a hay day. Three came out -- a doe, 8-point buck and a 12-point buck! He was hunting with his brothers so they shot the two bucks and they were nice ones.

The weather has been so nice it's hard to hunt. The deer don't like to move during the day.

Ole Van Orsdahl has been beating the woods hard and hasn't seen a buck so some are lucky and some, not so lucky.

I can't forget -- Lane Lindner shot a spike Saturday. Friday, Lane, Levi and Keith visited with Shorty and I and Lane was all excited about hunting. Mary also shot an 8-pointer Saturday night so they've got lots of work to do! Congratulations, Lane and Mary.

The flu has hit our house. Shorty, Larry and B.J. so far have had it and it can stop anytime. If it would last only a couple of days but it stays long enough.

Laura Rockis of Blackduck stopped this morning for a short visit as she was headed to Warraod for her job.

All of our hunters have headed back with little luck but just the enjoyment of the woods.

Donald and Treasa Davidson spent their vacation in the woods last week and then headed back Sunday.

No matter who you talked to, it seems like everyone saw and heard wolves. Bernie had a moose come out by him with two wolves chasing it. Everyone says they hear them at night.

I wonder if the weather will be like this all winter. I hope it gets cold and makes some ice as we have reservations and would hate to have to call and cancel.

Mike Anderson of Chisholm spent last week at their trailer and hunted with Donald Anderson on Donald's parents homestead by Saum. Mike shot one.

Congratulations to Kaylene Schultz who was sworn in as Waskish Postmaster. She has been our C.E.O. since Danny Nelson retired. Welcome to Waskish! Her husband is the maintenance man for the city of Kelliher.

Several people attended bingo in the school commons last Thursday. It was turkey bingo and I wasn't lucky this year but some were very lucky. This event supports the Big Bog Festival.