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Blackduck Apartment News

Week ending Nov. 22

Tuesday, 16 residents gathered together in the community room for the monthly potluck. Once again, the great cooks outdid themselves!

Friday, Lorraine Peck, Irma Kellermann, Onnie Reynolds, Max and Nina Cheney and Dee enjoyed a fish dinner brought in by Countryside.

Sunday was another good day for Lorraine and Lori Dietrich After worship services at Ridgewood Baptist Church, they visited with guests who are working on the pipeline who attend a Ridgewood Baptist Church in their hometown in Texas. Later, Lorraine and Lori had dinner at the Super Buffet.

Week ending Nov. 29

Thanksgiving Day was celebrated by Lorraine, Lori and Dan Dietrich and Gaylen Cotten when they joined the church family at Ridgewood Baptist Church in Bemidji. It was attended by all 50 who gathered together for a buffet meal of turkey and all the traditional foods galore.

The day was topped off with Gospel music when special guests, Sandy and Terry Nelson of Nevis, were joined by Danny and his mandolin. Sandy played the piano and led in singing.

Saturday, Gaylen came to Grandma Peck's for dinner and helped with decorating for Christmas.

Sunday, Lorraine joined the Dietrich's in their weekly trip to Bemidji to attend worship services at R.B.C. After some shopping, Lorraine was happy to be home in time for a nap!

Thanksgiving Day, Onnie, Max and Nina, Carol, Mary, Mark and Dee had dinner at Countryside then went back to the community room and chatted for a bit.