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Detroit Lakes firefighters save dog that broke through Munson Lake ice

DETROIT LAKES - Firefighters here rescued an 8-month-old Australian shepherd that had wandered onto thin lake ice and fallen through this morning.

Katie Green let her dog, Georgie, outside her home on Munson Lake for about 20 minutes. But when she called for the pup to come in, the dog didn't show up.

"I looked out there and there was her little head peeking out of the lake," Green said.

Georgie had wandered out on to the thin ice and fallen through about 50 feet from the shore. Green attempted to go in after the canine, but got too cold once she got about waist deep in the water.

She said Georgie must have been standing on something under the water, because the dog wasn't swimming and her head and back were out of the water.

"She just kept whining," Green said.

Detroit Lakes firefighters were called, and after about an hour in the water, firefighters wearing specialized cold-water gear rescued the dog.

"I'm going to be watching her like a hawk," Green said. "She's not going out alone until there's two feet of ice on the lake."

Georgie got a warm bath in the Greens' hot tub and a bit of blow-drying with a hair dryer before the pooch was back running and playing.

The dog usually stays in a kennel in the heated garage, but Georgie probably will stay in the house for now.

"She's probably going to be spoiled, now," Green said. "I think she's just thankful to be alive."

Brian Basham is a reporter at the Detroit Lakes Tribune, which is owned by Forum Communications Co.