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Beltrami County Court District

In Beltrami County District Court before Judge John Melbye:

Lisa Marie Jackson, 31, of Ogema, Minn., pleaded guilty and was sentenced Nov. 23, for gross misdemeanor giving a peace officer a false name; misdemeanor theft and misdemeanor fifth-degree assault.

She was sentenced to one year in jail, of which 347 days were stayed for two years. She must serve 18 days in jail; two years of probation to the courts; pay a fine of $1,083, of which $300 was stayed; remain law-abiding; not have any contact with the victim and restitution reserved.

At 10:30 p.m. Nov. 11, a Bemidji Police officer responded to a call regarding shoplifting. The woman gave a false name to the officer. She was subsequently identified as Jackson. An employee of the store reported that the woman had bitten her on her left elbow when she was being apprehended. The officer asked the woman to provide her mailing address, she refused to give it. She was arrested and taken to the Beltrami County Jail. At the jail, a White Earth Tribal identification card was located in her purse. She said she had lied about her name, because she knew she had warrants out for her arrest. She had attempted to steal approximately $70 in merchandise

Hobart Alvin Huffman, 44, of Minneapolis, pleaded innocent Nov. 23, to fifth-degree felony drugs. His next court date will be Jan. 12.

According to the criminal complaint, on Nov. 21, 2008, Paul Bunyan Drug Task Force conducted an investigation into a report that Huffman had presented forged prescriptions for Oxycontin, a Schedule II controlled substance. The investigation established that Huffman entered the pharmacy and presented a prescription for Prometazine, a nausea drug, Oxycontin and Valium. The writing on the prescription for the Oxycontin and Valium did not match the other prescription. The pharmacist spoke to the prescribing doctor and then approached Huffman and informed him that it was apparent he was attempting to fraudulently procure the medicine. Huffman fled the scene. He has one prior stay of adjudication for fifth-degree possession of a controlled substance in Sherburne County.

Daniel Lawrence Rath, 26, address unknown, pleaded innocent Nov. 23, to felony violation of a no-contact order within 10 years of the first of two or more convictions. His next court date will be Feb. 9.

According to the criminal complaint, on Sept. 14, Rath was charged with felony domestic assault. On Sept. 16, Judge Melbye signed a pre-trial domestic abuse no-contact order. The order specifically stated that Rath was not to have contact with the woman directly, indirectly, through others, in person, by telephone, in writing, electronically or by any other means. At 5:50 p.m. Nov. 9, Bemidji Police officers responded to a residence located on the 200 block of 14th Street, to remove one person. Rath was found at the residence and a woman was found hiding downstairs. He was arrested and transported to the jail. He has a prior conviction for violating a harassment restraining order in 2005, along with a misdemeanor domestic assault charge in 2004. He has also pleaded guilty to felony domestic assault.

In a separate case, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced Dec. 1, for felony domestic assault.

He was sentenced to 15 months in prison, stayed for five years. He must serve 115 days in jail with furlough for treatment; five years of supervised probation; pay a fine of $1,083; follow all instructions of probation; complete anger management counseling; complete a chemical dependency evaluation/treatment and follow recommendations; not use or possess alcohol or controlled substances; not enter bars or liquor stores; submit to random testing; submit a DNA sample; remain law-abiding and comply with domestic no contact order.

At 8:30 p.m. Sept. 11, Bemidji Police officers responded to a report of a domestic assault in progress at Third Street Northwest and Beltrami Avenue. It was reported that a man was hitting a woman with an object. Officers arrived at the scene and observed a man and woman on the sidewalk leaning up against a building. The man was holding a long object and the female was attempting to get away from the man. The man was identified as Rath. The woman told the officers that Rath had struck her several times with a broken golf club as they walked from Fourth Street to Third Street. Witnesses stated that they saw Rath chasing the woman, and when she stopped he struck her on the leg and the arm with the club. Rath was arrested and transported to the jail. In a statement, he said he became upset with the woman after he observed hickeys on her neck. Rath asked her where she got them, and she said from another woman. He said he was upset and that he did not approve of the woman's bi-sexuality. Rath said he hit her with the broken end of a golf club but said he did not intend to her harm her. He said he wanted to drive home the point that he did not approve of her sexuality. He has a prior conviction for violating a harassment restraining order and a misdemeanor domestic assault.

Scott William Endicott, 43, of Solway, pleaded innocent to felony first-degree DWI; felony first-degree DWI within 10 years of three or more qualified prior impaired driving incidents and gross misdemeanor driving after cancellation as inimical to public safety.

According to the criminal complaint at 10:30 p.m. Oct. 16, a Beltrami County Sheriff's deputy was on routine patrol when he observed a vehicle driving 20 mph slower than the posted speed limit. The vehicle was being driven erratically, crossing over into the lane of on-coming traffic forcing an eastbound car to the shoulder. The vehicle then pulled to the side of the road and stopped. The driver was highly intoxicated and identified himself with a false name. The driver said several times that he was drunk. He failed field sobriety tests and registered a preliminary breath alcohol concentration of .194. He was arrested and transported to the Beltrami County Jail, where he was identified as Endicott. He became extremely belligerent at the jail. He initially refused a urine test and said he would take a blood test. As he was being transported to the hospital, he said he was going to refuse the blood test. At the hospital Endicott became belligerent towards the lab assistant and would only permit the lab assistant to fill one vial of blood. He has three prior DWI convictions in the past five years, one specifically for refusing to test. His driving privileges were cancelled as inimical to public safety May 7. At the time of the arrest he was still on probation for his most recent DWI convictions.

Darrell Emery Loud, 26, of Ponemah, pleaded guilty Oct. 27. and was sentenced Nov. 23, for felony fleeing a peace officer.

He was sentenced to one year and one day in prison, which was stayed for three years. He must serve 84 days in jail; placed on supervised probation for three years; pay a fine of $1,083, of which $500 was stayed; complete cognitive skills training; not use alcohol or controlled substances; not enter bars or liquor stores; submit to random testing and searches; complete a chemical dependency evaluation/treatment; complete aftercare; submit a DNA sample; must not ship/transport/possess or receive firearm or ammo; remain law-abiding; follow all instructions of probation and must contact probation immediately upon release.

At 7:38 p.m. March 21, a Beltrami County Sheriff's deputy on routine patrol on Pioneer Road saw a vehicle without a front license plate that had front end damage and a broken windshield. The deputy initiated a traffic stop and the driver fled, eventually entering the Red Lake Reservation.