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Kelliher Community Theater offers this must-see holiday performance

Mary Lundin and Bill Hoffmann, left, act out a scene of Christmas at Uncle Phil's Diner, No Room at the Diner. Minutes later, Lundin launches Hoffmann across the stage and out of her way, making up some of the more humorous scenes of the production.1 / 2
Performers are, from left to right, Ed Anderson, Mary Lundin, Pat Eklund and Bill Hoffmann prepare to use the wagon as a prop as they rehearse.2 / 2

With the holiday season quickly approaching, the Kelliher Community Theater is anxiously awaiting their one-night only showing of Christmas at Uncle Phil's Diner, No Room at the Diner.

The production, which will feature 24 community cast members as well as nine choir members, is a Christian-based play that will feature a dinner theater and will include plenty of audience interaction.

"We won't pick on anyone, but we like to get the audience involved," said Sandy Tichy, the publicist and house manager for the play.

Community Theater in Kelliher has been putting on shows for over 20 years. It highlights a holiday performance about every other year. The theater also works in conjunction with the school.

"We want to get as many of the kids in ninth through 12 grades involved," Tichy said.

In this particular production, the setting is a 1957 diner owned and operated by Uncle Phil. PJ the DJ decides he wants to use the facility for holiday banquets. When PJ overbooks the diner, extra staff is hired to accommodate the overflow of guests. The staff then frantically seats the abundance of people on the roof, next to the furnace and by the back door.

"All of the craziness starts to mushroom together and Uncle Phil feels like he is losing the meaning of Christmas," explained Tichy.

No need to worry, however, Uncle Phil gets the spirit back in the end.

As the day of the production nears, the cast and crew are confident audiences will enjoy what they have in store for them.

"We've done a lot of Christmas performances in the past," Director Calvin Mayers said. "People seem to always like them."

Tichy added, "I love doing this, it is just so much fun."

According to Tichy, many of the faces that will be seen in this show have appeared in other shows throughout the years.

"We always get people that can't wait to come back," she said.

When coming to the performance, audiences can expect a plentiful meatloaf dinner, plenty of Christmas music and overall, a must-see performance. The curtain will rise at 5:48 p.m. Dec. 5 in the Old School Gymnasium in Kelliher.

To reserve tickets, contact Peggy Pula at 647-8553.