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Nov. 6, Shorty and myself visited Betty Blegen at her daughter's home in Bemidji. She wasn't doing very well. Last Friday, she left us all. It's been a hard weekend as she will really be missed by her little grandsons and all her friends from the surrounding area.

Shorty and I have known the Blegens better part of our married life and have done many things together. Plus, Betty has been my right arm at the store. She helped us out whenever we had to leave. I could always count on her.

Our sympathy goes out to Stanley and family, Jerry and daughter, Harold and family, Betty Ann and family and Mary and family. Your mother will be in our hearts and minds forever.

John Jensen has been in the Baudette Hospital with pneumonia. I hope you are feeling better.

Mrs. Greg Lent of Wausau, WI, spent the weekend with her dad, Dallas Reed. Her husband, Greg, and daughter, Kelly, were hunting by Hackensack.

Eva Slick of Shoreview, Cristy Slick of Duluth and Mary Chambers of Ham Lake, stopped on their way home after spending the weekend with their dad, Cy Slick.

Stanley Gordon, son of the late Rollie and Thora Nordrum Gordon, is spending the weekend hunting around here. He has a been a security guard at Mistic Lake Casino for the past 15 years.

Bob Fritz of Iowa, Lee Runyon of St. Paul and Tom Miller of Woodbury, have been hunting with us since before Betty passed away. It's sure different not having Uncle Roy with us.

Bill Collins of Iowa and Don Shrick of Missouri, are spending a couple of says at Jimmy Collins' cabin and also hunting by Kelliher.

Scott Leseman of Stillwater, spent the weekend at Donald Nelson's home.

Lois Nelson and Heather Gilge met the other Nelson girls in the city over the weekend and enjoyed the Titanic museum exhibit.

Butch Weigelt and Pete Meis of Kimball, are hunting and spending time at Charlotte Weigelt's cabin on Rocky Point.

Out of all our hunters including our boys, opening weekend, Char's kids are the only ones who shot. Will shot a buck on the farm; Rachel shot a doe and Buddy's girl, Xenia, shot two.

Dakota Johnson spent opening of deer season with his dad and grandparents at the cabin by Big Falls and he shot a deer.

Joke of the Week

Doctor on the phone: "Ole, I have to tell you... Your check came back."

Ole: "Vell, let me tell you sumting... So did my artritis!"

Lars asked Ole what he was going to have for supper. "Same old ting I suppose," said Ole. "Cold shoulder and hot tongue."