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Joint Planning Board faces impact on loss of department head

The city of Bemidji will not be alone next year as it deals with the loss of a department head.

Bemidji's community development director - a position that has been eliminated from the 2010 budget - also served as a liaison between the city of Bemidji and the Greater Bemidji Area Joint Planning office.

Mel Milender, the administrator for the joint planning office, has already told the Joint Planning Board that the office will need to somehow cover the loss of the position in the future.

Milender told the JPB that in 2011 the office will likely need either a part-time employee or to contract for services to cover the work now performed by Rita Albrecht, the city's community development director.

The 2010 budget for the joint planning office already has been set, Milender said, and there are no available dollars for addition staff next year.