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Pathways Through Our Past

Everywhere we go lately people are talking and laughing and exclaiming what another great performance the kids of Blackduck High gave last week.

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown was the theatre production and it played to a full house all three days. And... there were people who attended all three times! It was delightful, and everyone involved deserved an academy award, and a standing ovation -- which they got. If you were unable to attend for some reason, you really missed a smash hit.

The Veteran's Day and fall band and choir concert Tuesday night was excellent and well attended, which is good, as this is just one way we can honor all veterans from World War II to the present. Not only are we proud of our vets, we're proud of and owe the boys and girls and instructors a special thanks for making this day special. The junior high band and choir concert was Friday and I'm sure that was another class act.

We are so fortunate to have so many talented people -- kids and adults, in our small community. Whatever the event, be it plays, sports, music, speech contests, etc., let's make a concerted effort to support and always be there for our kids. I think I'll just add, and for each other, especially as we go into the holiday season.

As long as we touched on the subject of veterans, let me remind you that the History and Art Center has real life experiences and stories as told by vets in our community that you can read or watch on DVDs. The late Charlie Mitchell told about his hair-raising experience on the USS Franklin, which lost over 700 men when the ship was attacked.

Bob Kiewatt has another interesting story... he was able to attend the Nuremberg Trials in Germany. Come in and spend a quiet afternoon reading about these ventures and/or going through the picture albums.

Found the following article in the School News of Nov. 29, 1939.

Armistice Day program presented

The initial assembly program of the year was presented by the senior class Nov. 10. The feature was a play, Search Within Your Hearts which was written by a Minneapolis high school student. The play stressed the thought that the cause of war is found in men's hearts and that if they really want peace it is in their power to achieve it.

The rest of the program consisted of musical selections. Ruth Nordeen played a piano solo and accompanied Harlene Enstrom as she sang My Buddy. Another hit of the program was a medley of war songs by Margaret Ann Paul. Included were Over There, Hinky Dinky Parlee Voo and Darktown Strutter's Ball. In conclusion, the entire assembly joined in God Bless America.

Don't forget to stop by Nov. 14 (one day only) to enter the drawing for a $25 gift certificate to be used in the History and Art Center. The third annual Holiday Cookies By The Pound sale is Dec. 12. Preparations are under way for the kid's holiday movie, the hayride, and a letter has been sent to Santa Claus to join us, so watch for the announcement.