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Blackduck School presents You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown

Connor Cease as Charlie Brown1 / 3
Matthew Jedlicka as Snoopy2 / 3
"Happiness" Cassie Stroeing, Katie Slindee, Connor Cease, Brandon Beck, Matthew Jedlicka, Kathryn Vocke, Alayna Nestberg, Kennedy Stomberg, Kristie Slindee, Tessa Tindell and Brock Howard.3 / 3

Forty-six students in grades K-12 from Blackduck Schools appeared on stage and worked behind the scenes to bring Charles Schultz's beloved Peanuts characters to life last weekend.

Directors, Jennifer Parker and Kari Slindee have been working with the students for two months with assistance from pianist Judy Ross and her percussion band which consisted of James Bettin and Cassie Stroeing.

Outstanding performances from Charlie Brown played by Connor Cease, Lucy played by Kathryn Vocke, Snoopy played by Matthew Jedlicka, Linus played by Brandon Beck, Schroeder played by Alex Schuman, Patty played by Katie Slindee and Sally played by Alayna Nestberg, led the way through two hours of singing, dancing and hilarious vignettes that featured these and many other members popular cartoon strip characters, such as Marcie (Cassie Bonar) and Pig Pen (Brock Howard).

The stage crew, under the direction of student leaders Kate Olafson, student director; Kelsea Lien, stage manager; James Bettin, technical director and Kelsey Tjepkes, crew chief, built, painted, created, and unearthed great set and prop pieces for the production that created a colorful and attractive stage picture throughout the show.

Senior members of the theatre department were honored Sunday included Lien, Slindee, Stroeing, Tjepkes, Eckstrom, Vocke, Ketterling, Bettin and Bonar.