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Accused murderer no longer in Oklahoma jail

OKLAHOMA CITY - The man accused of murdering Fargo dentist Philip Gattuso is no longer in the Oklahoma County Jail.

An email notification from the jail states Michael Nakvinda, charged in Cass County District Court with four felony counts, was released today.

Earlier this week, Cass County Sheriff Paul Laney said his office would bring Nakvinda back to Fargo to face charges. Laney said he wouldn't disclose when or how they would transport Nakvinda because of security concerns.

Nakvinda, 41, of Oklahoma City waived extradition to North Dakota during a hearing in his home state Monday.

He faces charges of murder, robbery, burglary and theft in the Oct. 26 homicide of Gattuso, who was found dead in his south Fargo condominium after he failed to pick up his daughter from day care.

Court papers say Gene Kirkpatrick, the father-in-law to Gattuso and grand-father to 3-year-old Kennedy Gattuso, hired Nakvinda to kill the Fargo dentist, apparently because he was upset with how the Philip Gattuso was raising the child.

Kirkpatrick, 63, also faces charges in Cass County District Court for conspiracy to commit murder and burglary. He is fighting extradition to North Dakota.

Court papers say Kirkpatrick paid $3,000 for Gattuso's murder, with the promise of more money later. He also is accused of using a video camera to film inside Gattuso's home to aid Nakvinda in carrying out the crime.

Philip Gattuso's late wife, Valerie, was Kirkpatrick's daughter. She died in March after an 18-month battle from medical complications.