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Waskish News

Last week

Will's games are over for the fall so we will have to settle down and spend some time around Waskish. We spent a couple of weeks in the Cities.

Colleen and I went over to Mike and Marketa Anderson's in Chisholm Oct. 3. We enjoyed a dinner theatre which was Ole Olaf Olafson, Jr. and Lina Kinnanan's wedding. I figure as many jokes as I have heard about them, I had to see them married. It was quite interesting. Marketa, Sadie Anderson, friend, Windy, Colleen and myself were in attendance. They had a wedding, reception and dance and it was lots of fun. I'd never been to Chisholm so Marketa gave us a tour. There were many older homes but it was a very neat town. It was a wonderful weekend.

Between now and then, there was lots of snow and cold weather. Too much like winter but I read in the Saturday paper it was supposed to be an El Nino this winter, so it should be a much milder year ahead. I hope for a summer next year and no frost to kill all the berry blossoms. I guess I want a normal season and I am not saying like October is the coldest October in years. Who gives a hoot? It's almost over!

This weekend was nice around here. All the family was here -- Bernie and his family, Char and family, Buddy and the kids. They hunted and smoked meat and had a good time just being together.

I want to keep Christine Halama, Betty Blegen and June Schuh in our prayers.

Butch Weigelt and friend, Pete, of Kimball, have spent a couple of weekends up here hunting and visiting.

Mike and Bobby Tydlacka just returned up north last week after spending time with their daughter and family, enjoying the new granddaughter as grandpa calls her Buttons. He says she is so cute!

Last week, Linda Daken, the daughter of the late Ray and Audrey Daken, and her friend, Mike Thomas, stopped to see us. They live in Palmer, AK. She wanted to see her uncle and aunts. It has been a few years so she also visited Burl and Anna Mae Daken by Kelliher and Eddie and Ione Daken in Grand Rapids as well as Lyle and Sammy Daken, also in Kelliher.

Today, Mr. and Mrs. Merle Petron were here and they were also from Palmer, AK. They had been to Washington, D.C. for and Air Force reunion then they stopped at Gracie's brother, John and his wife, Jeanie's, in Illinois. The visited with Keith and Lee on Sunday. They said Keith wasn't feeling well. They were going on to Bemidji to see all the Petrons and then home again Oct. 27. It sure was nice to see them all.

We had a couple of suspicious looking characters in the Triple T yesterday watching the Vikings ballgame. They called themselves Smith and Jones. One in a trench coat and the other with sunglasses on. Someone, maybe Gary, said he heard they lived close to Saum. They were very quiet and reserved. They sat quietly and watched the Ravens almost beat the Vikings. The rest of us weren't quiet at all. They then left and didn't cause any trouble. Boy, were we lucky?! They are welcome back here anytime. Maybe they were just scouting!

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Chambers and son of the Cities, Bob and Cy Click of Carp stopped to visit Sunday on their way to Minneapolis. Bob and Cy had doctor's appointments this week. We wish them luck.

Congratulations to the Mustangs for winning the last football game.

Linda Daken also visited with Iris Wernberg in Blackduck. They both babysat Colleen and Wally so they were with the girls a lot. They also saw Iris's twin sister, Rose, who has moved back to the area. She is living by Blackduck.

Mr. and Mrs. John Florhaug of Bemidji stopped on Friday to visit and met the Tydlackas. They started to talk and they found out that all of them go to Arizona and are only about two miles apart! The hope to get together this time. I'm jealous! I would love to be there and listen to Sonja sing. I will just have to play my tape until she gets back.

This Week

Another slow week in Waskish and the surrounding area. Gas started to rise, so people are just waiting until deer hunting season.

I stopped and talked with Dean and Debbie Frenzel last Wednesday. They had just finished tearing the bar at Hudec's down. It looks different with it gone. They've been working hard to get this ready for winter. It's going to be nice to have Hudecs open again. I'm happy for Marie. She can finally relax and not worry about it.

I talked with Betty Blegen and she doesn't know when she is coming home but soon. Otherwise, her place will have to be winterized. The nurse is still coming and checking on her quite often so she can't be too far from the hospital. She's at her daughter, Betty's in Bemidji.

Betty Ellis of Hibbing was up to her trailer house last Sunday and Monday, she winterized her trailer then headed for home. Now they are all done for the winter. Some have already left for Texas.

Rita and Jerry Dingman were here for the football game Sunday. Rita said they had been to Rosie Foster's for dinner Friday and also Iris and Marian Wernberg were there. They all have birthdays this time of year.

Carole and Dave Nelson spent the last week at their cabin. Carole Nelson and Alzada Koisti visited with me Sunday.

Carol Ellsworth stopped by Saturday and she has sold her home and will be moving to Moorhead. We will miss her here but she has her family in Moorhead which is nice for her.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Davidson visited with Larry Weigelt Saturday.

Ole Van Orsdahl is at his fishhouse or cabin -- whichever. He said he was helping Pete and Ilene pour concrete. Also helping was Lyle Fenske.

I saw in the Oct. 18 Minneapolis paper that Dave Sutterholm Jr. of Minneapolis passed away. He was 85. He built a home on Eagle Nest Road in Waskish. Pete and Ilene are living in it at the present time until theirs is done.

Watch out for all the little ghosts and goblins Saturday night and don't forget to set your clocks back one hour. Remember -- spring forward and fall back. Also, check your fire alarm batteries. Happy Halloween!